Being on an entrepreneurial journey and being audaciously authentic is challenging, yet extremely rewarding when you are truly connected to your mission and vision.

When I received the email for this for GoSolo Publications interview a couple of months back, I asked them to please hold off on it since I was still re-imagining my entire business model.

I am so glad they accepted my request since THIS IS the moment where I am truly connected to everything that I share on this interview.

Although it seemed like a great opportunity to be featured at the time, I would have probably not been audaciously authentic, which is what I whole heartedly stand for.

The truth is, we have the power to choose when and how we deliver our message, and do it with grace, gratitude, love and authenticity.

I have a vision of awakening humanity and spreading happiness in the world while re-activating their creativity.
I am focused on inspiring others to worry less and live more. To connect with their creativity and their passions while inspiring others in the process and thus leaving a legacy. The moment is NOW.

Honored to have been featured on GoSolo publication on this interview that I hope makes you light up as much as I did when I was answering these questions.

Especially the ones where I had to answer what have been the hardest things that comes with being an entrepreneur and what have been my biggest accomplishments.

There is still so much to tell…but I am sure you’ll get to learn more about it in future opportunities.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this short but mighty piece.

Loved sharing my mission, vision, my journey and everything that is wrapped around this soul business of mine.

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Love, light and unicorn magic going your way!