When I came to Miami in June 2005, I had no idea what was going to happen or who I was going to meet.

I was a college graduate with a lot of excitement and big dreams. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, surrounded and protected by my parents, family and friends, I grew up being a happy, “confident,” young girl.

At the age of 17, I went to study in New York and then moved to Miami because the cold weather was simply not for me! (us Caribbean people need our sun and our beaches!!).

Little did I know that Miami, the place that I eventually called HOME, was going to bring so many challenges to my life.

I was faced with the crude reality that not everyone in the world is looking for you to GROW, yet, at the point, I hadn’t learned that at all times I had the power and the strength within me to accomplish and overcome any challenges that life had to offer me.

Ideas and projects were shut down and I allowed myself to be mistreated and bullied for many years – by WOMEN!

I lost my light…my SPARK! And eventually I lost myself. But it’s OK… because after all the troubling moments and deep desperation, I was able to find my way again; I re-regained my power, and creativity started to move my heart and my soul again.

After 12 years of being in Florida, and going through good and not so good times, I can look back and say … THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey, no matter the role that you’ve played.

I was able to create my OWN brand and business in which I guide people around the world find joy and happiness in their lives based on LAFing (loving, accepting and forgiving themselves and others); I co-founded WellBiz with my wonderful business partner Sheena Eizmendiz, helping corporations have happier and healthier employees through our signature programs; I’ve shared the stage and done collaborations with amazing women; and last but not least I co-founded the MINDful Women’s Group with Sheena as well, in which we have women entrepreneurs who are serious about living their lives authentically by creating unity, support and leadership in our community.

WomenWhy this post and why today?  Because today I get to celebrate ALL the wonderful women in my life; because today and every day, I am grateful to the ones who have been there every step of the way; because today, after our second MWG signature event, my heart was filled with joy, hope, excitement, faith that when a group of women gets together for a purpose and a clear mission, MAGICAL things can happen.

Let’s keep fighting for our dreams; not allowing anyone to cut our wings. Be strong; determined; and reach out; speak up! Your opinion MATTERS, today, tomorrow, ALWAYS!

Happy International Women’s Day!! 

Until I see you again remember to always LAF – love unconditionally, accept without judgements, and forgive yourselves and others.

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