The Power of Self Love

article for Natural Awakenings Magazine on the power of self love.

Did you know that 85% of people suffer from low self esteem? As per bestselling author Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of the popular Self-Esteem System.

This is an outrageous number that shouldn’t be taken lightly, yet it is.

We live in a society:

  • Where reality TV shows present both female and male as either sex symbols, not smart enough or victims of different types of abuse.
  • Where it’s apparently “ok” to talk back to your parents, peers, and people around you. In a society where bosses, managers and co-workers are bullied and it’s seen as “normal.”
  • Where people have stopped valuing themselves.

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed how beautiful and strong you are? When was the last time you told someone how wonderful they are and really meant it?

Enjoy this article and drop me a line with your thoughts.