The Power of Self Love – Natural Awakenings Magazine

The Power of Self Love article for Natural Awakenings Magazine on the power of self love. Did you know that 85% of people suffer from low self esteem? As per bestselling author Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of the popular Self-Esteem System. This is an outrageous number...

Salud al Día Magazine – Elige Ser Feliz

Elige Ser Feliz  article in Spanish for Salud al Día Magazine. Excited to share with you simple tactics to practice to feel HAPPY. Happiness is a state of being and we have the ability to choose happiness over anything else. Don't fall short on your decision and...

Women In Wellness Interview

Women In Wellness Interview Interview. This morning I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a dear friend, entrepreneur, Wellnessppreneur, Founder of Women in Wellness, and wonderful ray of light, Dr. Gabby Pelicci. I am delighted to share with you that interview...

12 y 2 Radio Interview

On air with Karina Larrauri and Sergio Carlo for their show 12 y 2 talking about the importance and the benefits of yoga both on kids and adults. Minute 1:11:57 (Interview in Spanish)

Salud al Día Magazine – Tu Peso No te Define

"Tu Peso No Te Define" Article in Spanish Vivimos en un mundo en el que las personas se ven altamente influenciadas por la sociedad en la que residen. Las presiones de trabajo, compromisos familiares y el constante bombardeo de información en las redes sociales y...


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