I had the fortune of being interviewed by the wonderful Maritere Rodríguez Bella – Check out the interview here

“I first knew about Anadel, or Ana as she is called by many of her friends, via a private message on Facebook. Our mutual friend Carla wanted to let me know that Ana was coming to the #WeAllGrow Summit 2017 , and since it was her first, would I keep an eye on her. Well, truth be told, Ana didn’t need any help. She was friendly, warm, and her smile lights up a room, no matter what time of the day it is. We immediately connected and for the next couple of days, became inseparable. We both took advantage of everything the summit had to offer, but we always found a way to connect and hang out. Her LAFStyle approach to life is infectious and her passion for her work is admirable. A certified adults and kids yoga instructor, she is the co-founder of MINDful Women’s Group, and a motivational speaker, who loves photography and traveling around the world.”

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