2 Year Anniversary

2 years ago yesterday, my vision was brought to life. It wasn’t perfect, it still isn’t… but it’s ALIVE!

I have gone through ups and downs; I have fallen and gotten back up, I have made changes, created new strategies to start back from zero over and over again, but nothing has given me more satisfaction than working and growing this dream of mine.

My baby, my brand, my mission…everything I’ve ever wanted even before I even knew I wanted it!

Yes!! This wasn’t something that was born from one day to the other.

I have so many people to thank. From those who pushed me to the limits of desperation to those who helped me get organized to make this dream come true.

Every keynote speech, every training, every coaching session, every yoga class, every client’s story, has made me grow more as a human being, has made me be a more grateful individual and has made me realize that I have a lot more to learn and to teach.

From helping someone love life again making the decision to find joy around her and not wanting to take her own life away, to helping someone believe in second chances and in themselves, to helping someone get focused, determined reaching their goals of increasing their SAT scores and getting into the school that they wanted. For these and many other reasons I do what I do.

Because I truly believe we CHOOSE to be happy, healthy, and focused. Because I KNOW deep in my heart that I can make a difference in the crazy, imperfect, perfect world that we live in, and because nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people believe in LIFE over and over again… for these I do what I do.

So this is for for the ones who follow their dreams, their passions, their mission, and take ACTION, for the ones that take a leap of faith not letting fear stop them, for the ones that have inspired me along the way, for the clients that have trusted me with their pursuit of happiness, for the ones who have believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, for the ones who have helped me grow, for God who has guided me along the way, and for the Universe and its magical energy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart… may this be another wonderful, rockstar year!

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