Many people have asked me to write about the difference between meditation and mindfulness, and what the whole topic is about. What sets them apart and how do they connect. Are they the same? Is it religious? Do I have to sit still and quiet my mind when I meditate? How can I get the patience to practice these techniques?

Here are the answers to these questions and clarifications on some of the misconceptions surrounding this topic.

First of all, meditation is when you intentionally do something good or set aside some time for yourself.

How can you meditate?

  1. Exercising:  because you use it to clear your mind.
  2. Prayer: Whether you’re praying to a God, the Universe, a higher force, you’re still meditating.
  3. Music: you listen to music to relax, you take your time, you clear your mind through music.
  4. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a TYPE of meditation. Being present, more aware of what you’re doing and more aware of every action that you’re taking every day. Mindfulness is basically a formal way of meditation practice.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I am going to write about misconceptions about Meditation. 

4 misconceptions about Meditation

  1. Meditation is a religious practice. Some religious they do use meditation as a form to connecting with their Gods, but because you can practice it in different ways (exercise, music, etc) it doesn’t necessarily have a connection with religion.
  2. I need to quiet my mind. Meditation is being more aware, following your breath, being here and now, being PRESENT. It is simply allowing the mind to calm down and not necessarily shut it down. That’s why you have mindfulness meditation which helps you more and more every time.
  3. It takes too much time. If it takes too much time then you take more time. What happens when you meditate is that you feel that you have more time in your day. Your mind clears up, you have more focus, you’re more productive, and you get more things done. You can start with 5 minutes and that will expand your day.
  4. It’s only for stress reduction. NO. It does help you release stress and anxiety, but it also helps you clear your mind. Like previously mentioned, it also helps you be more productive, more focused. It helps you in different aspects of your life and increases overall health.

Set aside some time for yourself. Go out for a run, for a walk in the park, listen to music, sit on a quiet space and just be PRESENT.

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Until you read me again remember to always LAF – love unconditionally, accept without judgements, and forgive yourselves and others.